Quick Start Instruction Guide


The Program Information Bar at the bottom of the file manager screen tells you how many subscriptions are currently registered in your system. You need subscriptions to enter data and produce reports for people. In the file manager screen shown above, the Program Information Bar shows ten subscriptions. The sample shown has sufficient subscriptions to generate ten separate ManagerView/360 profiles and reports. Reprinting a personís profile does not reduce the number of subscriptions available. Put simply, one person profiled equals one subscription used, regardless of the number of questionnaires completed on the person. In order to profile one person your system must have at least one subscription.

Purchasing subscriptions:

The program youíve downloaded has no subscriptions. However, to allow you to test the ManagerView/360 software, we will give you two subscriptions free. Use the following procedure to obtain subscriptions for your system. At the file manager screen, click on File on the menu bar. The pull down menu appears (Figure 2):

Figure 2 - The ManagerView/360 setup pull down menu used to obtain subscriptions.



Click on the word Subscribe, or choose the button on the right of the screen labeled Key (showing the lock and key) and the following screen (Figure 3) appears. This screen contains the name of the organization you registered the software to, as well as the serial number of the software and a key number. The key number changes each time you bring up this screen.

Figure 3 - ManagerView/360 Subscription Screen

Telephone our office at the telephone number listed, and we will provide you with a code that will upgrade your system for the number of subscriptions that youíve purchased. One subscription allows you to profile one person.

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