Quick Start Instruction Guide

Thank you for downloading ManagerView/360, the simplest, most powerful 360-degree system available on the market today. To help you quickly get started using ManagerView/360 we’ve prepared this quick start guide. We recommend that you review this guide prior to using ManagerView/360. By doing so you will make your experience much easier and more powerful.

Table of Contents

System Requirements
Software Installation
Creating New Files
Opening the Sample File
Viewing and Printing Graphs & Reports
The Repair Feature
Adding People to Your File

Intended Use:

ManagerView/360 is a Windows™ based multi-rater assessment tool designed to help human resource professionals coach, counsel and develop people in leadership positions. Multi-rater assessments, also known as 360-degree assessments and full-circle assessments, collect and display data from self, subordinates (also referred to as direct reports), supervisors, peers and team-members regarding a person’s performance effectiveness. Self-ratings are typically included in the assessment process.

To collect evaluations, ManagerView/360 uses a pre-defined Management Practices Questionnaire (MPQ), consisting of 100 items. Questionnaire data is hand keyed into the program and the software produces an extensive and detailed graphical and textual report for each participant. Results are reported in normative score format and each report contains a simply written explanation of the results that makes the report easy to understand for users. All ManagerView/360 questionnaires and reports are embedded within the program and may be accessed via the software.


The purpose of the quick start guide is to help you promptly and effortlessly put this powerful software to work producing reports for you or your clients. Because this is a quick start guide, we’re assuming that you are a skilled computer user and have previous experience facilitating feedback with others. However, should you have any questions regarding training, the use of the software, the construction of the Management Practices Questionnaire or the psychometric properties of the assessment please call US: 1-800-335-0779 or UK: 01763 837111.

Minimum computer requirements:

486-66 CPU (Pentium recommended)

8 Mb of Ram

15 Mb of free hard disk space

Windows™ 95

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