Quick Start Instruction Guide

Creating a new file:

In order for you to profile an individual or individuals, you must create a file that accepts and stores their data. You may create a file for one person or a group of people. For example, if you are working with the XYZ Company and you are profiling people in each department, you may want to create a file for each department. Or, you may want to create a single file for the XYZ Company and keep all people in that one file. We recommend that you think ahead and try to organize your files so you have access to them as you’ll need them in the future.

To create a new file click on New File button on the right side of the file manager screen (indicated by an open file drawer). The screen to the left will appear (Figure 4).

Figure 4 - ManagerView/360 file creation screen. Enter up to 8 characters.

In the box provided, enter the name of the file. Enter an eight character name that you will easily recall and click on the OK button. After a few moments the following screen (Figure 5) will appear.

This screen allows you to tailor your reports. Enter a description of the group in the dialogue box, up to fifty characters long, including spaces. Be as descriptive as you can because this entry will later appear on the reports and graphs that ManagerView/360 produces.

Figure 5 - Enter the name of the organization.


Figure 6 - The ManagerView/360 Master Screen.


Your file is now ready to receive employee names and scores, and your screen should look like the one above (Figure 7). Once you’ve created a file, you will use this screen to enter people’s names and score data. You will also view and print reports and graphs from this screen. Let’s quickly study this screen to learn how we use the various features.

At the very top of the screen is the title bar. This tells you the name of the program (ManagerView/360) and the name of the file with which you are currently working (SALES3).

Next we find the menu bar that runs across the screen. This bar has the words File, Browse, Graphs, Reports. By clicking on one of these words you will cause a Pull down menu to appear. This gives you access to various features of the software. The graphs menu will not be available unless you have a file open with scores entered. We will show you how to open such a file in a moment. Once you have done this, we suggest you place your cursor on each of these choices and click. Review each of the Pull down menus to learn what you can do from these menus.

Along the right side of the Master screen is a series of buttons. These buttons also give you access to various features of the program. We’ve already used the New button to create the file with which we are currently working, and the Key button to get subscriptions. Next, we’ll ask you to Open a sample file that ships with the software and then we’ll have you printing graphs and reports with just a few clicks of these buttons. We will use this file for the rest of this demonstration. To add people to a file you need subscriptions. If you add fictitious people for practice, you will be wasting subscriptions. If you want to test the capabilities of ManagerView/360, gather data on real people, enter the data and prepare their profile and report. You will be helping them and at the same time learning how to use this powerful software.

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