Quick Start Instruction Guide

Opening the Sample File:

ManagerView/360 contains a Sample file. Before you can open the Sample file, you must first close the file you just created. To do so, Click on the Close File Button (first button, second column on the master screen). You will be prompted by a dialogue box to make sure you really want to close the file. Place your cursor on the OK button and click once. This will return you to the ManagerView/360 File Manager screen.

Place your cursor on the Open File button (first button, first column) and click once. You will be prompted with a dialogue box as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 7 – ManagerView/360 File open screen.

Of course, the screen on your computer will show a different set of files than shown in this example. If you created a file, it will show along with the Sample file that was included with your software.

 Highlight the file you want to open by placing your cursor over the file name Sample.mpq and click once to highlight the file. Then you may quickly click again (double clicking) or you may place your cursor over the OK button in the upper right hand corner of the dialogue box and click once, or you may hit the Enter key to open the file.

The ManagerView/360 Master Screen will appear. The screen will look very similar to the Master Screen you’ve seen before, except it will contain the names and data relative to Thomas Jones and Mary Smith.

The Master Screen appears in Figure 9. Note the similarities with the screen you saw when you created a new file. Along the bottom is the Program information bar. This bar shows the number of people who exist in this file, in this case it shows there are two people in the file. Next it shows Scores. Scores reflect the number of questionnaires that have been entered into this file (twenty). Next, the Program information bar shows how many subscriptions this program has remaining (remember, one subscription allows you to profile one person). The master screen below reflects nine subscriptions. Remember that your own screen will contain the number of subscriptions you currently have in your ManagerView/360 system. Finally, the Program Information Bar reflects the name assigned to this organization. In this example, the organization name is A Sample Company.


Figure 8 - ManagerView/360 master screen.


Other elements of the master screen are:

  • The Participant’s name is entered in the boxes labeled ‘people’ at the top of the screen, last name first. The gender of the participant is also entered here.


  • The type of rater is indicated in the section labeled ‘rater’ on the right at the top of the screen.


  • The answers to each of the questions is in the ‘Scores’ area, and you will notice that the number of questionnaires entered for the current participant and which questionnaire is currently on the screen is indicated in the format: 1 of 10 (the first questionnaire of ten).


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