Quick Start Instruction Guide

Adding People to your file

Before you can start entering evaluation data from the questionniares, you must enter the names of the participants. To do this, you must first create a file or open a file youíve already created. Click on New or Open, and enter the Organisation name. If you have not entered any personal data for the people you are profiling, the bottom of the screen will show the number 0 next to the word, People. As you enter people into the file, this number will increase.

 To add a personís name to a file, follow these instructions:

Click on the People area of the ManagerView/360 Master Screen. A hand will appear pointing at the People area of the graph. Click on the Add Button, the color of the name boxes changes, indicating that they are active.

Figure 13. The People area of the ManagerView/360 Master Screen

You should now add the participantís last name and first name in the data entry boxes, and use the mouse to click on the correct gender option. Click on the Save button and confirm that you want to save the changes to file. This will bring up the following screen:


ManagerView/360 will deduct one subscription for each person whose name you enter. Remember, to add a personís name to the system, you must have a subscription for each person you want to profile.


Figure 14. The subscription deduction message

Click on OK to add the new person to the file. After you have saved the new name, the number next to the word People on the Program Information Bar at the bottom of the page should increase indicating that you have entered one person into you file.

Proceed by clicking on the rater area then clicking on the Add Button. The data boxes will change color to indicate that you are ready to enter new data. Click on the correct rater option to indicate whether the first questionnaire is from self, subordinate, supervisor, peer or team member.

You are now ready to enter the data from the questionnaire. Click on the first data box and enter the answer from the first question on the first questionnaire. As you enter data the program automatically moves the cursor into the next box. When you have finished entering the data from the questionnaire, enter the date that you entered the data, then click on save, and confirm that you want to save your entries to the file.

When you save the data there are two places on the screen that validate your submission of score data. After youíve entered the set of scores from the first questionnaire, in the area immediately above the score area will appear the following: 1 of 1 Scores. This tells you that the scores on the screen are the first set of only one set entered. As you enter more scores this will increase. After the second set of scores is entered this should read 2 of 2 Scores and so forth.

Additionally, at the bottom of the screen, the Program Information Bar will increment by one in the Scores area to show the total number of questionnaires that you have entered to that point in time. The Program Information Bar is critically important as it updates automatically as you add people and data. It tells you how many more participants you can profile by advising how many subscriptions remain on your system.

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